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The Ink Jacket is an online magazine that connects literature and great books with current news and headlines. The idea is to take today’s current events and couple them with the depth of thinking in great writing and literature. Think of the observations and insights of Hemingway, Joyce, Kafka, Steinbeck, Buck and others embedded in articles about related current events and issues. For example, what lessons from Steinbeck’s visit to Vietnam could be embraced in today’s theaters of war? How does George Orwell’s dystopian world reflect 21st Century censorship? Which of Aldous Huxley’s envisioned social norms have emerged in our society and why? These are just a few hypothetical topics of the content to come. But if this still sounds unclear, forthcoming articles in this literary blog — or lit blog as some might put it — are hoped to cement the overall ambition here.

That said, this endeavor is experimental — and at the moment — more of a personal project to beta test the concept of a blog that injects news with literary perspectives. Presently, the working thesis is that these combined perspectives will elevate the context of news. Headlines are often filled with facts but lack deep reference points. Literature is often filled with deep perspectives yet lacking tangible and timely relevance. What happens when both reside on the same page? Whether catastrophe or enlightenment this blog hopes to find out (and hopefully it will lean more toward the later than the former).

Stay tuned as updates come. Articles will appear slowly, ideally one every Monday. But as things progress this may pick up. In the meant time thank you for reading.


Jason Shueh

For inquiries or site questions, please contact Jason Shueh at editor@theinkjacket.com.


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